Word Prompt: It's a story worth repeating

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

“Eyes up, Callum.” The back of Veric’s hand rapped his head lightly as the man paced to the front of the room.

Callum shoved himself up, bracing himself on one elbow then the other. He’d fallen asleep during the elder’s lecture, again.

The wizard paced to the front of the room and turned. His cloak billowed and stilled as he’d never moved and was but chiseled stone.

Stone that stared at Callum. “My apologies, Elder. I appear to have missed your question.” The other student’s quiet laughter surrounded him.

“I asked you to repeat the tale of Tarinne Vasylia, Prime of the Kiswin.” He raised one eyebrow slowly. “The story I just finished relating.”

Callum licked his lips. No simple question that one. As Prime, there were more tales of Tarinne than Callum had taken breaths. He leaned and breathed in.

Callum knew them all.

Exhaling he recited her tales from her discovery in the Irradine caverns through her clearing the Edamire summits of the ice wraiths.

Veric raised his hand, a quick gesture that silenced Callum. Raising his other hand, he released the other students holding Callum until the last departed.

“I know every whit of lore about Tarinne.” Callum said, but Veric raised his hand again.

Pacing back to him, Veric placed his hand on Callum’s shoulder. “It’s a story worth repeating, young Vasylia. Learn to listen and you may learn more of your mother yet.”

The only tale Callum wished to uncover was where she’d vanished to.

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