Interference’s Reward

Should we do something

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Alessia stopped at the door, a shutter gripped in either hand, mouth dropping open. Timothy glanced up from the bench he was slouched on as she entered. The was a scratch under his left eye, which was decidedly on the colorful side of normal. Had he been brawling?

A screech wailed from the center of the room. Josephine Maria Ziegler red cheeked yanking on a bolt of cloth with an equally red cheeked matron on the other end.

“Should we do something?” She gestured to the woman.

Timothy pointed to his eye. “I ain’t getting between her and her wants again.” He shook his head like a mad man and sat back crossing his arms.

Alessia snorted. She’d never seen him cowardly before. “Fine, I guess I’ll do it since Ollie sent me to collect her.”

Timothy perked up. “Ollie sent ya for her?” Allessia nodded and opened her mouth to speak. “See ya!” He bolted under her arm and down the street before she could respond.

Alessia gawfed and marched to the center of the room. She grasped the center of the bolt and scowled at the two women. “Let the fabric go now.”

Alessia settled carefully on the bench next to Timothy, dabbing her fingers at her aching eye as she assessed the damage. She wouldn’t be seeing out of it tomorrow. Timothy was grinning at her as the sounds of bickering still drifted from the store. “So, how’d interfering work out?

“Not a word.” Alessia hissed.

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