The letter made it easier to ascribe blame to him

Welcome to Wednesday’s flash fiction wherein I write as part of a group based on the same short prompt and post them. Here’s my contribution.

Burke would have to speak with her tutors. The girl’s innuendo was hopelessly off mark. Tragically, her father would soon have his fortunes change. No more tutors. The letter made it easier to ascribe blame to him. Blame he’d been looking for an adequate conduit for.

Grasping the steam of the bell, the chime broke the house’s silence. Harcourt paused at the door, inclining his head.

Burke held the envelop between his fingers. “See that the Lord discovers this.”

“Through Elke?” Harcourt asked retrieving the note.

“Who else?” Burke grinned. All Ageard would know by dusk. The king by dawn.

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