The floorboard creaked

Welcome to Wednesday’s flash fiction wherein I write, as part of a group, a flash fiction based on the same short prompt and post the story.

Nothing like infiltrating the Kedoldan Empire. The freighters offering discreet passage weren’t anyone’s idea of luxury. Months creeping through space. Bad rations. Water that had been recycled a hundred past recommendation. Not to mention the smells from alien bodies in close confinement.

Elias wouldn’t have missed it.

Elias squinted into the sputtering light at the form approaching him. The shape was indistinct, but the clothes were too ragged and the wrong colors to be crew. “Move along, friend,” he said in common pulling the knife from his pack. Final docking was underway. A good time for forceful persuasion to surrender belongings if you were inclined to that. The crew wouldn’t check for stragglers. Just stowaways in several hours.

Whatever the creature stopped, probably in thought, and must’ve decided Elias’s belongings weren’t worth it. It backed away. Right move. He hadn’t needed the fuss now.

The ship jolted as it connected with the station and he hauled himself to his feet. The pack swung over his should as he fell into line. Slowly they crept off the ship as the station guards inspected everyone’s papers.

Reaching the front of the line he held his papers out to a disinterested guard and looking up swore. Commander Zülfikar would be here. When his papers were handed back and he was waived through, Elias scurried forward. Stepping from the ramp to the station’s deck.

He froze as it groaned under him. Zülfikar turned toward him eyes widening as he recognized Elias. Elias swore.

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