How long?

Word Prompt: He stared hard at the table

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

He stared hard at the table, flat metal which had seen too many years’ use. Not, that Cody staring at it and not at Darlie would change much. Would change anything. “It’s a fool’s errand.” His scowl as the words escaped.

Darlie’s hands appeared in his narrow focus and grasped his hand, as if the words had been permission to move. He supposed they had been. Not, that he’d confirm it.

“It’s only a walk.” The words were quiet, almost melding with the hum of machinery.

Cody snorted. “Only a walk.” He snapped his head up and switched his glower from the table to Darlie. She’d bite her lip again. “Only a walk into arcing, discharging…” He trailed off and waved his hand frustrated. “Only a walk into death.”

Darlie shook her head. Cody looked away again trying to ignore space on display out the port, but her grip tightened on his hand. “You know I can do this and if I don’t…” Her turn to trail off now.

If she didn’t… If she didn’t…

Cody sighed. He knew full well if she didn’t death would find them all in here. Curse her being talented. Curse the Aelek. If they hadn’t tried forcing communication the systems wouldn’t have blown a hole in their ship. Darlie wouldn’t have to go.

“How long?”

Her grip loosened and Cody, rolled his hand over grabbing hers. Holding her in place. The comm chimed and the commander’s voice sounded summoning Darlie. That long. Too soon.

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