Hearts Altered

She just couldn’t love it

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction. This week, the story is part 3 of the tale began began on March 30th. Be sure to check back to catch the beginning.

Lyse glanced right. Through the flames she saw homes burst into brilliant flames tearing them to the ground. “Glorious isn’t my word for it.”

Ellys’ attention moved from Lyse to the buildings. “Pain and creation are one.” The black lines marring her skin blazed, the faintest hints of red appearing. She looked back red danced in her eyes.

“Joy.” Lyse stepped toward her sister. “Joy propels us to seek create in beauty.” She waved her hand to the surrounding village. “Not this. This destruction leaves only bereavement behind.”

“Joy and pain.” Ellys blinked, and Lyse thought she saw a hint of brown in her sister’s eyes. Ellys jerked and narrowed her eyes banishing any hint of color. “They are the same. Only where you stand matters.”

The flames pressed closer about them. Lyse glanced over her shoulder, the heat pushing her forward. She turned back and Elyss was steps away. “Sister, then stand with me.”

Lyse wished her sister showed score, derision, contempt. Anything when she spoke. “No.” The chill serenity was worse. Elyss rose holding out her arms to stand scant steps away. “I’ll fly as the fire rises.”

The flames surged higher, and the old well’s shelter crumbled banishing the names of countless lovers to dust.

Lyse lowered her eyes. Ellys couldn’t believe this. She just couldn’t love it.

Ellys was gone. Consumed in magic’s flames.


Lyse straightened. “If that’s flying, it’s time to fall.” Surging forward, Lyse grasped Ellys and pushed them over the well’s wall.

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