For Peace

At last his patience was paying off

Peace can be elusive and mean many different things to different people. I hope you can find a bit of peace as you read and enjoy this week’s flash fiction.

Irving leaned over the contraption, tracing the mess of pipes and gears. Finally, it was ready. Grabbed his torch, he ignited it into a hissing flame. As he lowered the torch to reservoir the door banged open loudly. Jerking, Irving singed away the connecting wire and the gears collapsed.

“Professor Irving–“ a voice started behind him.

“Out!” Irving bellowed. Spinning, glowered at the man catching the gleam of military buttons. The man looked poised to argue. “Out!” Irving took a step forward and the man retreated. Wisely so.

A second man replaced him. “Experiment foiled again, old friend?”

Irving snorted. “Interruptions are the death of science, Maxwell.”

Maxwell entered, tucking his hat under his arm. “Come with me. I’m taking my girl across the plans.” His jaw tightened.

Perhaps the change would be good for Maxwell. Away from his wife’s grave. I looked at heap on my table. Perhaps it would be good for me. “When do we leave?”

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