Fire Flight

With the fire came despair

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Red light reflected in the tall grass whipping her arms as she ran. Heat seared her lungs as smoke scraped her throat. About her rose staccato of panicked feet accompanied by carts rumbling along the distant path. A river of bodies brought equal in fleeing death.

Her pace slowed as she spun. Flames soared from every building in the city. The seven shining towers consumed themselves, as did the Mirrored Palace. Even she couldn’t believe ten minutes ago the city had slumbered peacefully. Now… She ran her hands through her hair which matched the flames

She never should have come.

The rising screams proceed the roar in pounding against her skull. Racing sideways, she crashed against others and was crashed into as they fled from the intense light.

Feet entangled her own, knocking them both to the ground. The man rolled, an arm rising to cover his mouth and the scream or bile he might have spewed. Instead, he stared horrified behind them.

Red light exploded around them as the fire struck. Tendrils of flame flared up and out to rain upon the grasses about them. The inferno’s roar smothered any sound the man might have made. Twisting, she turned away from him.

Beyond the hellfire, she saw others. Some fleeing with renewed vigor. Others crawling, baring wounds from the latest barrage. She sat at the center of the flames and hugged her knees. For them, this was a night of horror, but for her with the fire came despair.

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