Fairy Well Planned

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas. I hope you enjoyed the flash fiction from this morning and I’m happy to say that wasn’t all for the day. In addition to the morning’s normal Wednesday story here is an extra one for the holiday.

“So… why are we sitting on a chunk of ice in the middle of the lake.” Shifting, Herisien curled a claw under a hunk of ice that had formed on his scales. The ice snapped off and he flicked it away. His scales were looked greyer now then deep red. The morning was entirely too new for him to be out here.

Astendath’s purple wings fluttered quickly as the fairy turn to look at him. Herisien rubbed his chin against the ice and scowled. He was a creature of fire and fury. Solid and powerful. He literally had a furnace in his gut. So how was it the little fairy’s insubstantial wings stay frost free when he was getting coated?

“Because Santa will be returning shortly.” Astendath’s wings fluttered more strongly and the fairy twisted lithely in the air to face him. She was far too pleased with herself for this early in the morning.

“And that means we’re out here why?”

For such a tiny creature her lungs certainly could do an impressive exasperated sigh as she curled in on herself smacking her forehead. Why did fairies do that? “So, you can warm the water, so he’ll…” She twisted and looked to the sky.

Raising his head Herisien saw the sleigh approaching, the reindeers’ harnesses chiming away. Astendath waived her hands frantically at Herisien. “Quick do it! Do it!”

Rising, he shook his head at the gesture which appeared more as “get out of here” then “please, oh great one, use your might flame breath on the affronting freezing waters.” Still, Herisien had known Astendath too long to doubt her irritation if he didn’t comply. He drew a deep breath and let out a steady plume of flame to glide over the surface of the water.

Steam boiled upward around them and spread out. One plume boiled directly up from them and another wafted toward the mansion at the lake’s edge, a glistening fog. The team erupted from the plume above and Herisien let his flames die.

The red sleigh riding over the wafting mist was truly a sight. He could hear the appreciative gasps from the shore. “Oh, I can’t wait to take credit for this one! This will show those elves that fairies can produce as much Christmas beauty and wonder.”

“You mean dragons.” Herisien snipped quickly.

“My idea.” She waived a hand at him. “You never would have thought of this.” He watched her chest puff and wings flutter even faster.

“You know, Astendath, I feel like we’ve overlooked something.” Herisien clicked his claws along his scales.

“What could we have overlooked?” She gestured toward his sleigh heading toward home. “This is beautiful and majestic. They’ll be talking about this for years to come.” The fog reached the land and cut off their view of Santa’s home. And Santa’s as well Herisien realized.

Astendath jolted backward in the air cringing as a series of crashing noises emanated from the fog. Herisien bobbed his head in appreciation at the amount of clatter that a cartoon would have been envious of. Yes, they would be talking about this for a long time.

“Rudolf!” Astendath cried. “I thought that reindeer could penetrate any fog!”

“Well,” Herisien said, “He was working all night. Rudolf is bound to be tired and the fog was created by a dragon.”

“You didn’t?” Astendath spun in the ai, hands cupping her creeks.

He sat up and sniffed. “Dragons don’t do things halfway.” Glancing over the waves he could make out the forms of several heading their way in boat. “Good luck with the credit.” Turning Astendath dove into the water to swim away.

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