None of their colleagues noticed

Welcome to Wednesday’s flash fiction wherein I write, as part of a group, a flash fiction based on the same short prompt and post the story.

A clip hit me from the direction of Vincent’s desk. My reprimand was halted by his wide eyes and quill twitching left. Turning I gasped. Gears whizzing imperceptibly in the factory’s dim Ottoline chugged into the room. I’d secured him. How’d the mechkanic gotten loose?

Glancing right, I noted Mr. Kynaston and Mr. Ash hunched over Kynaston’s desk and reports. Most likely the incident reports mumbled of that morning.

Turning back, I cleared my throat gesturing toward the machine. Small though it was, Ottoline tended toward chaos when it got going. And its gears were speeding up. Exactly what my employment didn’t need. Especially with Mr. Kynaston’s present mood. I needed this job. Fine. I’d catch the thing.

I jumped as a voice broke into my thoughts. “Ms. Joss,” Mr. Ash said, “Is something amiss? Where is your concentration?”

“No sir,” I squeaked. “It’s just stifling in here. I’ll open a window”

He scowled thinking over my suggestion before nodding. “Be quick.” He said dismissively, returning to the documents.

Dashed forward, I lift my bustle as I approached the mechanic. Obligingly it dodged under where I inserted my heal into its gears, squeaking as my foot was twisted by its force. I gestured frantically Vincent.

Rising he gulped, kneeling to reach Ottoline under my skirts. Glancing, I was relieved they hadn’t noticed the mechkanic or my blush.

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