Does That Work

Does that work

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

I jerked when the hand rested on my shoulder. I swung my head to the side, peering at Ebony. Her brows were drawn down, forming a slight crease in her forehead. How long had I been ignoring her? Worse. I had no idea what she had asked.

“Sorry?” I tilted my head to the side.

She smiled, the soft pitying sort that I detest. “Does that work?”

I sorted through my thoughts trying to decide which “that” was in question.

Could it have been the stupidity of having a novice mage cast me half way across the world? Perhaps, but there wasn’t an option. Every other mage with enough capacity to even complete the spell was… no longer available. At least I wasn’t the one having to do the casting. Nerves there.

Perhaps it was allowing myself to be joined to an untested bound blade. At least they had left a competent constructor… available to craft it. No novice workmanship there.

Or perhaps it was the invading Dirawin by myself, through the aid of a novice mage, with only an untested bound blade to defend myself.

No. That all seemed perfectly sensible since Dirawin had decided to make all the mages who could have assisted me… unavailable.

Picking up the bound blade, I grinned. “Perfectly.”

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