Did We Survive the Day

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I was going to ask a friend if we had survived the day. Instead of a few quick words this exploded into my head. Where would you go?

Did We Survive the Day?
by Jenna Eatough

Hello, did we survive the day?
Oh, my friend, it’s too soon to say
For dreams and visions still abound
A quiet mind I’ve not yet found

To take away a long day’s sting
Those misty vales I’m visiting
Or perchance there’s a star afar
That will ease today’s mundane scar

Where words rumble or sooth away
Every doubt, there I long to stay
And listen to a world so bright
I cannot help but of it write

Then clutching close all that I see
All that I hope one day would be
Then at last with their ghosts I’ll lay
And sleep until dawns the new day

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