We had to do something immediately or just after dessert

Welcome to Wednesday’s flash fiction wherein I write as part of a group based on the same short prompt and post them. Here’s my contribution.

My associates’ conversations abated as my butler entered. Ignoring my glower, Kenneth strode forward. Dabbing the corners of my mouth, I rose nodding to my tablemates. Moving to the chamber’s edge, I waited for Kenneth.

“We were not to be disturbed,” I said voice rumbling.

Kenneth inclined his head. “Apologies, but word was delivered that the Mavromichali are at the Remorhaz Arms.”

I nodded, noting the heads tilted our way. Keeping this quiet was an impossibility. We’d have to do something immediately… Simeon entered, trailed by his servers. The smell wafting from the palters was ambrosial. Or just after dessert.

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