Death Plague: Day 5

The Death Plague

Morale was low today, even with the improvements in the ventilation system overnight. I don’t know what the techs did but the quieted the rattling, allowing for more peaceful slumbering throughout the colony.

Today though. Today the silence seemed worse than the rattle.

The colony was quiet, and no one seemed eager to engage with anyone else. Not even when the date was taken into consideration. Mostly there was just shuffling through the motions of life, keeping systems going.

There was some communication with Rising Light and the mother planet of course. The kitchens even broke out the special feast they’d had in reserve for today. Thankfully they’d had the foresight to prep the meal before the Death Plague’s hold took too firm a grip.

I think the silence wore at us.

We’re all aware the Death Plague is out there still, waiting for us to make a mistake.

Whatever the reason, the day has come and gone. The return to a rest cycle is imminent.

Here’s hoping tomorrow we get our first clue on how to escape their grip. We’re all tired of this fight and looking forward to the light.

The Commander.

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