Death Plague: Day 4

The Death Plague

The colony was a fitful mess last night.

I ordered the early lockdown, but that ended up doing nothing for the rest of the colony. In the morning, I was greeted by numerous complaints of hearing rattling bones invading all the corridors.

I would have thought the personal were going mad, except… I’d heard it myself.

Every few hours I would be awakened by a creaking sound permeating my mind. I’d stir long enough to assure myself the dead weren’t walking, check vital systems, and stumble back to my cot.

Only to repeat the process again in a few hours.

This morning I updated my personal by letting them know the Death Plague was just rattling against the outer shell of the colony. They wanted us to believe everything was worse than it is.

I think the crew believed it. Or they wanted to believe it so badly they just did.

I could not believe it.

I figured it out though. The death rattle we keep hearing isn’t coming from the shell without. The rattle and everything else comes from within.

The thin air causing gasping and coughing. The sapping of power. The rising of tension. Now, this auditory assault?

This is all the Death Plague, and the outer defenses have already fallen.

We can’t keep going like this.

The quick prepped meals are being consumed at a ravenous rate. My people are still hungry and bored. But the cooks imitate the pilots too well. I can’t trust them in the kitchen.

We’ll find ways to keep going.

What choice do we have?

Hopefully tonight we can get some rest in peace. We all need it.

The Commander.

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