Death Plague: Day 3

The Death Plague

I’m trying to hold on to moral.

A hard thing to do when HVACs wizardry is starting to wear thin. Or maybe we were all just so grateful when there was any relief yesterday, we didn’t realize just how little there had been. I also overlooked that their magic only worked in certain sectors.

More specifically, one sector.

A tiny sector.

The colony can’t survive on that sector alone. Rotating in and out of the sector was the only thing that is keeping a full mutiny at bay. Not that a mutiny will help anyone. The Death Plague is after us all and cohesion is needed to combat it.

Cohesion and a little less government interference would be nice.

Yes, I was aware that permits are required to keep our transportation sector going. Once, of course, the sector even feels good enough to recall how to fire the engines. I am not having them setting out on long hauls while they can’t even manage to hover in a familiar hanger without looking like drunken sailors without their sea legs.

None of that matters of course. The permits needed updating and no, their delivery services aren’t working in our sector. I think someone told them the Death Plague had been spotted. Cowards.

So instead I hauled myself out to them where I was left waiting until they could be bothered to communicate and transport the needed documents to me all without having to come into contact with me.

Next time, I’m tempted to enter their offices.

Temped, but won’t.

As it stood, the Death Plague stayed focused on me and ignored the other ships buzzing about the port. I got in, out, and home. Then all fuel supplies were depleted.

I know it’s early, but the station is going into lockdown know. Perhaps tomorrow I can focus on the plague.

The Commander.

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