Death Plague: Day 2

The Death Plague

Next time I order a retreat and regroup, I need to remind engineering that this includes silencing all incoming communications. Except of course communications from the mother planet.

But the communications that actually got to command…

I didn’t need the constant beeps interrupting the deep focus needed for me to martial resources to combat the Death Plague. I was especially annoyed the roving pirates trying to convince me their intentions were honorable.

Too bad I couldn’t send the Death Plague after them.

The bright spot today was a bit of wizardry that our HVAC techs worked out. I still don’t understand how, but they managed to hook up a system that’s helping regulate the temperature of different sectors.

People are still stumbling about, but tension has eased slightly. Morale is still low. The Death Plague has gained ground.

Rolling blackout has taken the colony down at random intervals and all work has halted. Bless Rising Light for the supplies. They’re struggling too but haven’t given up on us yet.

I can see the lights are starting to flicker again. I’m going to call another regroup for the night. Perhaps tomorrow we can make progress.

The Commander

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