Day 2: It’s Alive

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from Fyrecon's Fyretober Writing Prompt 2023-10-01

Fyretober continues! For the next month I will be bringing you extra flash fiction or poetry in celebration of the season and inspired by Fyrecon’s Fyretober!. Today begins day one: New Neighbors.

Enjoy my second entry into Fyrecon’s Fyretober!

Fyrecon's Fyretober Daily Prompt List

1. New neighbors
2. It’s Alive
3. No Exit
4. Walk in the cemetery
5. Door in the wall
6. Mirror
7. Space visitors
8. The Monster Is
9. Anti-magic costumes
10. Skeleton’s battle cry
11. Djinn party
12. Space dwarves
13. Zombie fireball
14. Possessed guild house
15. Lorekeeper’s mask
16. Dragon sight
17. Alien scryers
18. Trick-or-Treating Shapeshifters
19. Disguised spellbook
20. Screaming trapdoor
21. Ghost weaponsmith
22. Jack-O’-Lantern avatars
23. Pheonix light sail
24. Sparkle castle
25. Graveyard pocket universe
26. Sentient wand
27. Haunted Skyhook
28. Pirate space elevator
29. Disguised terraforming
30. The Witches’ Laws
31. Precognizant cats

Bonus Fanged griffin

Aliza looked up from beneath the edge of her quilt to the jar glowing faintly blue in the darkness of her bedroom. A jar her mother had left there before departing for the evening with father. A light left to guard her through the long hours. A light too dim to see her room by.

But she could hear. Presently she heard the scritch, scritch, scritch of the creeper creeping over her bedroom floor. Aliza couldn’t fathom how they thought themselves stealthy when the made such a noise. Lowering her gaze, from the jar to the foot of her bed, she saw the creeper peer over it.

She wrinkled her nose, a movement lost behind the protection of her blanket. “You might as well go, you’ll never get to me,” she said proud her voice was only lightly muffled.

“You think that blanket will aid you?” the creeper hissed preaching on her footboard.

“No.” Aliza looked up from the creeper to the blue jar glowing above again.

The creeper scoffed. Aliza looked back at him to see him rolling precariously balanced on the foot of her bed. “Don’t tell me you count a light? I fear not things which merely gleam.”

Aliza sniffed again and saw it catch its breath and stretch out one leg to perch on the foot of her bed. A long skinny mottled grey leg. “No,” she said again quietly. I don’t expect mere light to guard me.”

The creeper’s foot touched her quilt and the light flared. A loud pop filled the room and the blue surged out of the bottle enveloping the creeper. It squalled and pulled back, too late. The light as mother had promised consumed the creeper.

The room empty and quiet, the light didn’t return to its jar. Instead, it settled over her quilt and pressed lightly against her hand. Aliza ran her hand over the light and smiled softly. Silly creeper. Mere light wasn’t alive, and this light lived. Snuggling into her bed, Aliza closed her eyes.

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“Fyretober is for everyone who loves to create, and this month we’re looking to see your flash fiction, poetry, and illustrations every day. We’ll be providing daily prompts for the month and want to see what new concepts and wonders you can make with them.”

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