Dark Hunts

They've done frightful things

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Bolting through the woods, branches wiped Eand’s face, adding cuts to those already stinging. Boot caught beneath a root, twisting his ankle and dropping him. His hands scrapped branches and dirt, adding more injuries.

He dug his elbow into the ground and looked to see murkily light ahead. Howling wailed behind him, not matching any beast he’d ever hunted. Shoving himself up, he chased the light, yelps haunting his steps.

The forest gave way and the cries died behind him. Eand raced across farmland to the village. “Daveth!” he screamed. A door banged in the wind. He glanced at it, racing through empty streets.

Turning a corner, Eand squinted into the sun and saw her home silhouettes by light. “Daveth!” The cry trailed off into a wheeze and Eand braced himself against his knees, his body screaming for air.

Wood creaked and he tilted his head up. Eand emerged from her home, pulling a red shall tightly about her shoulders. She stopped on her porch and stared.

“Daveth,” He pointed behind him. His head jerking back and forth between looking behind and at her. “They’ve done frightful things.”

“Have they?” Daveth’s voice rasped, sounding too long without water.

“Yes…” Eand trailed off. He took a step back. Eand stayed on her porch in the shadows of her home. She dropped her gaze.

Eand watched a grin cross her face as rattling sounded within the town’s homes. “No.” He looked to the colors staining the sky. Night came.

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