Merry Christmas

Darkest Night

The sky burned. Pausing in the postern gate, Bethon Haley’s eyes widened as she drank in the sight. She wasn’t the only one noticing. Servants had paused in their evening preparations to stare at the sky pointing, whispering, and a handful of voices broke with panic. She didn’t share in the current of panic pushing again her. No, her worry was that even a blind fool wouldn’t miss this. Which assured her that King Gauwill, even cloistered within the court hall, would notice shortly.
Happy Moon Day

Moon’s Slumber

The dusky blue tones of the sky told Cere Aebeorth time was running out. Leaning forward she rubbed Scratch’s neck as her leather armor creaked. The horse raised his head slightly flicked an ear back as if asking if they could stop, before lowering and swinging to the side as if searching for weeds growing among the rocks. They’d left the tree line behind an hour ago.
Happy Mother's Day

Wolf Mother

Happy Mother’s Day! Mom’s coming in all varieties and personalities. Whatever type you or your mom may be, celebrate in their unique flavor. Today I have a flash fiction about one tough momma. Kalini scrapped her hand over the rough bark of a fallen trunk as she vaulted over. The winds carried a mournful howl,…
Happy Earth Day

Possibility’s End

The age was ending. Yeassi ran, the Rafni stick tucked beneath her arm. The ground churned at her feet and the sky twisted about her. She staggered beaten sideways by a particularly fierce gale compounded with the stone turning to sand beneath her feet. Wrenching her hand from the quickly hardening ground, Yeassi forced herself up. She could not be late.
Happy President's Day


Happy President’s day! For this holiday I’ve got a flash fiction for your that takes a look at some less then lofty leadership, but not because she is incompetent. The farmhouse creaked behind her as she stepped off the deck. Her hands clutched her white skirts, simultaneously preventing her from tripping and giving her something…
Happy Thanksgiving


The rock was cold beneath Summer as she waited. The sun strove to warm her skin even as the spray from waves beating the stone tried to cool her. Summer knew the waves would win. The sun was dipping behind the low clouds even as the tide rose. Well the spray would win unless they arrived first.