Breath for Breath

Death will be like waking

Endings come. Sometimes they are unexpected and sometimes they are not. I hope you enjoy this week’s flash fiction.

She was there. Buried beneath wires, but it was her. I ignored those gathered and floated to her bed. “Liana.” I placed my hand on her foot.

Her eyes fluttered opened, blinking a few times before she focused on me. “You came.” She smiled wearily.

I knew the others spoke to her, but I couldn’t hear them. Neither would she, exactly. This was my moment. Not theirs. “I told you I would.” I wished I could smile remembering our last conversation. She’d been cocooned by machines then too. Then I’d been granted only a moment.

Her attention was drawn back to the others. Not that it mattered. This time was mine. I wouldn’t pass this time. I could have taken her away back then. I could have, but when I touched her. . . too many possibilities.

“Will it hurt?” I jerked slightly realizing she was addressing me.

“No.” She squeezed her eyes closed, and I patted her foot again tasting her pain as she struggled. “Breath for breath, it’s like waking from a dream.”

She closed her eyes nodding. Breath for breath, she took her last. For a moment the other world bled through. A flat wailed and weeping. A hand squeezed her limp one tightly. Then she was beside me.

Turning, I saw her standing next to me and took her hand. “Come,” I said. “It’s time.” The world faded again as she turned with me.

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