There was a loud crash

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Metal rattled crashing against stone. Legedon jerked, pushing himself to his knees. Other heads popped up trying to spot the clamor as well.

Legadon’s jaw dropped. Adalith, red hair obvious, stood at the portal knife to the gears holding the portal outside sealed. He rose to his feet, reaching toward her. She’d kill herself, if not them all.

Four guards clomped into the chamber, chainmail adding to the Adalith’s cacophony. A pair moved between the portal and the crowd, glowering at the congregation. Their meaning was clear. Heads returned to the ground, steadfastly ignoring the noise. Legedon dropped as well, but wrenched his neck keeping her in view.

Adalith had given up on the portal. Instead she beat the nearest guard’s head viciously with her staff. The man raised his hand and… retreated. The next got the staff’s butt to his gut at his approach and doubled over.

Bolting forward, Adalith grabbed something from the guard’s belt. “No,” a voice screamed. Legedon turned and saw the hegumen advancing. “You must stop. Good child, stop before you kill us all.”

Legedon winced. She hated being called child. She turned, ramming the object to the portal. “I will not be the meek child.” A chime sounded as if a crystal had been struck, and the portal opened with a rush of air.

Legedon winced, shielding his eyes from the stinging wind with a hand. Eyes watering, Legedon forced himself to look and saw green beyond. She ran disappearing into the impossible world.

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