Beneath the Roc’s Shadow

Word Prompt: I'm not saying this is all my fault

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Kathe and Leane darted out of the mouth of the cave with their packs rattling from the pots and pans hastily tied to their packs. Kathe clutched an array of trinkets she hadn’t had time to stow. Stopping abruptly at the cliff’s edge. a few bits tumbled away.

The valley below was clear beyond a quaint hamlet that had welcomed them three weeks back. One of the nicer hamlets they’d stayed in too.

“Thank heavens,” Kathe said. “Everything’s peaceful.”

Leane turned toward Kathe both widening and scrunching her eyes at the same time. She opened her mouth, mostly like with one of her usual smart retorts, but never got the chance say it.

A rumble like the mountain sliding away and the furry of a typhoon erupted around them as a shadow passed overhead. Kathe would’ve sworn the mountain moved. If not for the beak and wings.

And that they’d glimpsed the thing in the caverns.

The shadow filled the valley covering the hamlet below. With an unfathomably slow flap of wings the bird descended.

Leane turned toward Kathe her expression darkening into a glower.

Kathe shook her head. “I’m not saying this is all my fault.”

Leane punched her shoulder. “Not all your fault?”

Recoiling, Kathe pulled away and scowled at her partner. “How was I supposed to know the inscription said Roc and not rock?”

Leane rolled her eyes. “Come we have to fix this!” She sprinted for the trail.

“Fix it? How?” Kathe bemoaned as he followed.

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