Battling Magic Wills

Word Prompt: What was the adage

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

The old crone Eanswid scowled as she surveyed the wreck I’d left of her kitchen as bisque dripped from my hair. I couldn’t explain the soup exploding and clutched the wooden spoon as if it were a shield defending me against her displeasure. Or most likely, some new hex she’d cast to vex my existence further.

Raising her hand, she pinched her temples between her thumb and forefinger. “What was the adage?” Lowering her hand, her glowering displeasure focused on me. “You reap what you sow?”

My eyes widened. “Eanswid–”

She flicked her hand quickly above her head, two fingers outstretched. A pair of shackles flew out from the floor and snapped shut around my ankles. I glanced down and back to her ready to plead, but there was no pity in her eyes.

“You’ll stay in the kitchen and practicing until you reach perfection.”

“But Axonome arrives in…”

Eanswid slammed an hourglass on the counter and grains tumbled imperceptibly down. “More than enough time. And if not…”

Her skirts swished about her as she stalked away, snapping the door closed behind her.

I sat on the single stool staring hopelessly at the hourglass. No matter how she lengthened time, I’d fail again and again.

Mad Rewilh had seen to that with his curse on me and all descendants to fail at cooking potatoes. Right before handing me off to Eanswid. Why couldn’t she host a sea goddess? I was divine with fish.

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