Battle Flames

As soon as she walked in, she felt the tension

What is WonHundred Word Wednesdays? It’s when a group of amazing authors and I write 100 word stories all based on the same short prompt and post them. All the variations are fun to read. Here is my entry for the week.

“I’ll be your mediator…“ As soon as she walked in, she felt the tension and heat. Kylie cursed herself a fool. She should have ignored Bill when he offered to switch for his nest dispute. Giants would have been easier. He’d left out that a dragon and a phoenix were the parties.

“Ack!” The stone floor scraped Kylie’s knee as she dropped. A lick of red and blue flames seared the air where she’d stood. Will battles were impossible. She’d never get the early start on the long weekend.

“I’ll be back,” she yanked the door closed. Bill would pay.

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