Baby Fuzz

We could get arrested for this

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

Light spilled into the enclosure as the wooden door rattled open. I twisted standing in the center of the aisle lantern swinging like a beacon in my hand.

“Suze?” a voice whispered tentatively as a head peeked into view. “We shouldn’t be doing this, Suze,” he said shuffling loudly to my side. “This could get us arrested.”

“Only if we get caught.” I waved off his worry. And we won’t,” I added quickly. “Now come on, they’re growing quick.”

We moved further into the chamber the air thick with heat. I paused beside one stone fence and glanced over the railing raising the lantern. Small shapes darted about the floor. Mouths opening and closing quick, tiny sparks glowed from them.

“Aww,” I said leaning further. The lantern lit the nearest clearly. No bigger than a cat, the baby dragon paused turning to look at me, as it rubbed its fuzzy chin against its shoulder. “They’re still fuzzy!”

“Yeah great,” Ellis said pushing up next to me. I don’t know where he stepped, but it wasn’t stable. He stumbled against me knocking my arm hard and sending the lantern flying.

Landing in the center of the pen, the lantern shattered, and the babies came running. “No,” I squealed leaning forward as Elis grabbed my arm. As he dragged me out, I glanced over my shoulder and saw the flames spreading in the pen.

The dragons would lose their baby fuzz early this year. Yeah, time to go before their keepers showed.

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