Assistance Required

There is a secret

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Vernon drew a deep breath the air passing through his lungs in a frigid breeze. The squabbling gaggle of preteens didn’t pause their argument long enough to rub at the goosebumps he’d managed to induce. Instead they stood huddled about the device which through off a blue glow completely obliterating his ghostly one.

“There is a secret.”


Vernon paced back and forth. His head bobbed through the ceiling as his frustration shoved higher. He paused above the children, dropping as he looked at the screen. A news story? About him?

He drifted to the shoulder of one youth and shook his head. “That’s not at all what happened,” he muttered. The children screamed dropping the tablet with a clatter as they scattered away. Vernon sighed and looked at the abandoned device. “I wasn’t even trying then.”

“Cool.” He turned toward the sound and saw a single child hoovering near the doorway.

“Ah, greetings young one!” He straightened his tie. “I take it I can… trust…” He faltered falling silent as the child pulled out a phone and started taking picture. Vernon smacked his face. That wouldn’t do any good, but at least the child wasn’t sunning. Maybe he’d make it out of this trap yet.

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