Altered in the Depths

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Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction. This week, the story is part 4 and the conclusion of the tale began on March 30th. Be sure to check back to catch the beginning.

Falling. Lyse and Ellys tumbled banging against each other and well’s stone wall. The fire’s heat chased them, pricking her skin furious at its conduit’s theft. And unable to prevent it.

Cold crashed about them shielding them from the flames.

Lyse thrashed trying to orient herself. Her fingers tangling in hair not her own. Clasping tightly, she yanked.

An elbow or knee struck her. Darkness closed about them. The magic’s enmity surging from her sister.

Ellys scrambled to rise, but Lyse wrapped about her sister dragging her down. The darkness became so thick they could have been inches from surface and Lyse wouldn’t have known.

Pressure increased about them, and her ears throbbed as if a voiceless scream pressed against them.

The darkness vanished.

Ellys slumped in her arms dragging them down. Lyse’s eyes widened catching the faint light rippling in the water, and too far above. She kicked, panic rising where she could not.

Pressure rippled about her in a surge of light as if a strand of water given substance. Wrapped around her and Ellys pulling them upward and from the waters.

Her breathing ragged in her ears as the waters receded leaving them outside the well. Ellys collapsed against her with boneless exhaustion the taint gone from her skin. Thin scars the only remnant.

“We’ve got you.” Andes knelt next to her, placing a hand on her shoulder and Ellys’ back.

They had her. Tears spilled from Lyse’s eyes as she smiled gratefully and hugged her sister.

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