Tell me what you saw, for her sake

Seeing Notre Dame burning this week broke my heart. So much history and beauty. This story is in honor of that.

I stared blankly as air hissed through the ducts with a faint taint of smoke. Was that from the shaft or me? I ran my hands over my legs pressing hard as I tried to calm my shudders.

The door swooshed open bringing the renewed odor of smoke. Not just me then. I turned in my chair to see who’d entered. A woman clad in slat grey. Soot stained her face though smeared as an attempt to wash had been made. “Inspector,” I said recognizing the uniform.

“Bastien,” the woman said taking the seat across from me. She turned away and nodded toward one wall. No doubt that was where the camera was.

She sat her tablet on the table and keyed it up. A hologram sprung up from it showing photos, I caught my breath squeezing my eyes closed and twisting away. I’d been there. Why show me now?

“We need your help, Bastien.” I felt fingers touch the back of my hand. The words chocked in my throat. My help? What could I possibly do in the face of that… destruction? “Please Bastien, tell me what you saw, for her sake?”

Opening my eyes, I looked at the inspector. She’d burned. Our first building from when the colony ship had been thrown here of substance. When we’d had nothing that building… she’d fed our spirit, reminding us we weren’t lost to all. Tell her what I’d seen? Opening my mouth, I struggled to find the words.

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