A Wager’s Consequences

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from writing prompt: She put a bet on my buddies

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Ropes burned across my arms as I twisted on the table. The twice blasted sorceress stood beside her bowl. The water reflected light onto her face.

Although I couldn’t see what she did, I could hear. The wails and howls carried clearly through her spell. The day’s bouts had begun.

“Viansola, let me up or I will–”

My tongue went silent as her gaze darted up and locked on me. Her eyes narrowed. “Or you’ll what?”

I worked my mouth, opening and closing it but no sound escaped. She’d spelled me.

She snorted and looked back into the depths. “That is what I thought.”

I yanked against the ropes, a worse than futile gesture. She’d spelled them, and I knew I couldn’t break free myself, but couldn’t stop trying either.

A sharp whin cut through the chamber. An arrow, silver feathered, lodging itself beside the bowl.

Viansola jerked backward, her hands rising as if she’d cast a spell, but it didn’t come. Instead I watched her eyes widen, turn, and flee the chamber.

Davril and Marinas entered shortly after her. Marinas darted after her, but Davril stopped and cut the spell binding my tongue with his spelled dagger before turning to my bonds.

“Not me,” I gasped. Davril glanced at me. “She put a bet on my buddies. They’re in the dome now. Save them.”

Davril blinked but didn’t argue. Leaving me alone in her vault again.

Laying back, I pondered what to do until someone came back again.

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